Wintent Awning Systems

WintTent is an awning model with a wide application area, providing aesthetic and comfortable shading. It can be used safely at home or workplaces.

WintTent has the ability to move up to 0-180 °. In this way, it can be used in every desired range and shading is provided according to the need. With its elegant and stylish design, it adds a modern look to the spaces as well as its functionality. Thanks to its modern case design, it takes up less space and displays an aesthetic appearance when the awning is closed.

The arms used can be straight or twisted as desired. You can choose the WintTent model awning as a useful solution in areas such as residence, office, workplace, store, etc. You can add value to your spaces with its functionality and practical use, and also you can get quality at low costs because it is economical.

Technical Specifications;

  • Fasteners made of high-strength aluminum are used for the assembly of the Winttent window awning.
  • Winttent opening arms are manufactured from high strength aluminum extrusion profiles.
  • In this system, there are high-strength steel-coated forming springs that provide opening. Thanks to these springs, fabric tension and resistance to wind are provided.
  • Winttent front forehead profile is manufactured as high strength aluminum extrusion profile.
  • In the front profile, a channel is designed for the discharge of rain water.
  • Body profiles are suitable for assembly, high-coated iron and painted fasteners are used. It consists of 3 parts: body profile, cover profile and fabric tensioning arms.
  • It is designed as straight or twisted upon request.