Pergola Awning Systems

Pergole awning is an ergonomic and state-of-the-art shading product, which can be opened and closed fully automatically and manually, and provides the opportunity to use the place in summer and winter conditions. Pergole is a perfect system that offers four seasons ideal drawings. The pergola system provides you with natural light and ventilation. Its special design prevents rain and snow water from entering inside. It certainly does not allow any leakage or pooling.

Pergole Awning Systems offer you different experiences with its high-strength aluminum structure and many differentiating features that are compatible with all weather conditions. Inox sheet, screws and pins specially produced for awning systems are stainless. Pergola Awning Systems provide all kinds of products with their perfect fabrics and high technology PVC structures. It is resistant to weather conditions, thanks to the materials used in the preparation of awning systems, it is resistant to 90 km of wind per hour and 30 cm thick snow.

Pergole Awning System Features;

Made of high strength aluminum alloy, it is painted with electrostatic powder paint.

In the ceiling cover, a surface material (850gr/m2) consisting of advanced PVC blocks that is resistant to all weather conditions, waterproof, and flame retardant blockout fabric is used.

Carriers with dimensions of 120×80 are used.

All connection screws, bolts and pins used in the system are Stainless inox.

The system is supported by a remote controlled Somfy or Becker motor.

It is resistant to 90km/h wind and an average of 30 cm snow thickness per hour.

150×70 cm rail system is used.

A specially produced German timing belt system is used for the tensioner.

Special aesthetically pleasing aluminum rain and stream descents and water-bearing outlets are used.

It is supported by the Italian pulley system.

Led spots that are controlled by a remote, gradually increased and decreased.