Industrial Doors

Sectional industrial doors are the most durable and longest-lasting doors used to circulate goods in and out of factory or warehouse buildings, loading and unloading points. The 4 dec mm sandwich panels forming the body of the sectional door provide sound and heat insulation in the place where it is applied thanks to the polyurethane(48-50 kg/m3) with a dense insulation additive injected between the galvanized steel sheet.

Garage Doors

Decorative garage doors can be easily opened manually thanks to a 24 V-DC/50 Hz electric motor and a double torsion spring (Crown spring) or double tension spring (Tension spring) system that balances the weight of the door. The weight of the door does not force the user and automation thanks to the springs. The passage of dust, air, rainwater to the dec is prevented thanks to EPDM gaskets located between the garage door panels, on the door top, sides and bottom row. The hollow EPDM gasket located under the garage door ensures a soft fit of the door to the floor.