Hermetic (Hospital) Door Systems

Hermetic Door systems are used in areas such as operating rooms, laboratories, X-ray rooms, cold air rooms, which means sealed doors and where air insulation must be at a high level. The degree of sealing of environments varies, and hermetic doors are produced according to such factors. The degree of tightness of the cold air chamber is not the same as the need for an X-ray chamber. For this reason, not every hermetic door sees your need. Appropriate models and production are required for the field.

Technical Specifications / Technical Specifications

The properties of hermetic doors used in areas such as rooms where UV rays are used and X-ray rooms, operating rooms and medical laboratories are as follows;

  • High level of tightness (Air and heat insulation)
  • It is not affected by Water and Homogeneity.
  • Doors are resistant to corrosive substances such as acid, cleaner, etc.
  • The door panels and wings are resistant to impact and scratches.
  • It does not lose its feature
  • Hygienic products such as hand sensor, knee-elbow button, password panel used in pedestrian traffic