Guillotine Glass Systems

Specially manufactured aluminum profiles are used that are resistant to high wind intensity and high temperature. The thickness of the aluminum profile we use in our system is 4cm, the wall thickness is 3mm.

Electrostatic powder coating with RAL color options is used in our aluminum profiles. In the system with high resistance to impact and breakage, 8 mm thick tempered glass or 20 mm insulating glass is used as the only glass.

In our system, glass panels are glued to the carrier wing profile with polymer-based imported adhesives and are not deformed due to natural conditions.

The Double Lock System provides maximum security by working independently of each other. It is a complete system that forms a whole with smart floor covers and accessories. double-row bristle wicks with a thickness of 10 mm on the lower and upper rails provide maximum wax insulation.

A silicone-based double-H wick is used between the glasses on the wings Dec