Fire alarm and notification systems are the general name of the systems that are detected during the beginning of a possible fire situation and serve to inform people about this situation with various warnings. Perhaps the most important of all weak current systems that should be used in a structure are fire alarm and warning systems.

Fire Detection and Extinguishing Systems

You can know the dangers before they grow with conventional, addressable or air sampling fire warning systems that can be selected according to your needs and risks, and you can prevent the loss of life and property with gas and sprinkler fire extinguishing systems.

Burglar alarm systems can be used in your home, office or warehouse, etc. while you are away. they are designed to protect places and valuables located in these places from thieves and intruders. Burglar alarm systems protect structures and the environment of structures by securing entry points such as doors and windows. Burglar alarm systems give an alarm as soon as they detect an unusual situation.

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