Barrier Systems

Automatic barrier systems are presented to our customers with different features according to the density of the traffic. We guarantee seamless service in barrier systems with our superior technology and European standards brands.

We have barrier systems for every need for mashousing, industrial facilities, government institutions and private spaces with heavy or medium traffic, and installation services are provided.

Automatic barrier systems can be installed from 3 meters to 6 meters and in special sizes according to the needs. Traffic flow is provided without causing any congestion with opening times varying from 3 seconds to 12 seconds depending on the barrier length.

System Features;

  • Remote Controls
  • Control Unit
  • Power Button
  • Safety Photocell
  • Barrier System
  • Key Switch
  • Warning Flasher

Italy origin BFT, Turkey origin Lentus brands are selling and installation of cutting-fungal barrier. Our barriers of both brands are manufactured using the most durable materials. It offers solutions for every region where security is needed.

System Features;

  • The long-life motor’s opening and closing time is only 6 seconds.
  • Manual use in power cuts.
  • Full closing feature.
  • Warning light system for the night.
  • Easy to see with the LEDs on the upper part.