Automatic (Photocell) Door Systems

Photocell Automatic Door Systems are your biggest assistant in environments with heavy entry-exit traffic; It offers comfort and architectural harmony together with its heat balance, fast moving feature, transparency and aesthetic features.

German or Japanese MSP and Spanish Erreka control units are used in photocell doors that can be opened to one or both sides according to your wishes, and whose dimensions can be customized according to the requirements of your space. These units are programmed against possible accidents and prevent damage to the door, person or object against jamming or obstructions.

Photocell Door

The photocell door is an ideal solution in terms of both practicality and safe passages for workplace-store entrances where entrances and exits are common, as it can be for personal use purposes such as home and residence. The special profile systems and designs we use in our photocell door products provide an architectural harmony and integrity, and serve as the most modern solutions in places of use. Photocell door, which is preferred in areas where entrance and exit is intense, provides architectural integrity and practicality.

Optional Features;

  • Integrated Card Access System
  • Encrypted Relay Device
  • Remote Control
  • Button connectivity Feature
  • Opening and Closing Glass to Glass
  • Card Panel
  • Hand Sensor
  • Manual / Digital Position Switch

Standard Features;

  • Safety Photocell Unit
  • Anti-Wear Special Steel Rail
  • Emergency Opening System in Case of Jamming and Blocking
  • Blocking Electric Current Control System (No Rises of 280 Volt And Above)
  • Operating Inside Onle System For Evacuation When Fire Alarm is Active