Get acquainted with the planned Transit Control and Personnel Attendance Control Systems designed specifically for you to control the entrances and exits, block unauthorized persons and check the continuity of personnel. It is now more comfortable to control your spaces with product options that can meet different needs.

Personnel Attendance Control Systems

Personnel attendance control systems are systems that are being used to track personnel. The range of uses of these systems is quite wide. Public institutions and organizations, military areas, municipalities, shopping centers, businesses, plazas, schools, factories, plazas, and other fields can be used. The biggest reason why personnel attendance control systems are needed is because there are many disruptions during manual follow-up of personnel and wasted manpower and performance. In order to prevent these, personnel attendance control systems have been started to be used

Turnstile Systems

The quick access turnstile system is used where intensive use and aesthetics are required. These turnstiles have single and double models, and their wings are made of glass or plexi. Rapid transit jul systems, when authorized to pass, the wings are opened to the right and left, leaving a clean passage area. It is ideal for municipalities, plazas, business centers, hospitals, universities, public institutions, student dormitories, schools and gymnasiums.

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