Automatic Wing Opening Mechanisms

The winged door opening mechanism is a fully automated access system product for winged (circular) entrance and exit doors used in hospitals, shopping malls or similar areas. It can be operated with non-contact handheld sensors, controls, buttons or all similar control elements. It is an indoor product, it is a fairly high quality door motor product that can be used for doors to sterile areas in hospitals, for toilet or warehouse doors in shopping malls, and so on for all regions that need automatic pivot doors. The price/performance ratio is much higher compared to other electric door hydraulics products, it is a product with all European standards and certificates.

The product comes with all other mounting accessories and in addition, it is october with 2 controls and 2 non-contact hand sensors. Optionally, in addition to these, control can also be provided with different triggers. With its easy-to-assemble structure, it provides practical application in every region. Also known as electric door opener, circular door motor, electric door hydraulics, 90 degree door motor, electric door opening mechanism, it is a must-have product for certain regions.

Product Technical Specifications;

  • It has all the European standards and certificates, 1.the grade is a quality product.
  • Besides, the fact that it is offered together with 2 controllers and 2 non-contact hand sensors creates a great price advantage
  • October addition to the ones offered next to it, it can be operated with many control elements such as radar, pushbutton, motion sensor and so on
  • The price /performance ratio in its category is one of the best products according to us.
  • The maximum wing weight for interior doors with wings (Circular) is 100 KG. it is determined as follows.
  • The maximum wing length for interior doors with wings (Circular) is 1100 MM. it is determined as follows.